Monday, May 24, 2010

Update 5/24

I was able to get the Phentermine Pharmacies page updated finally!! I did remove some links and some new were added. As many of you may have noticed, I have removed quite a few of them there for awhile. You have probably noticed there have been many changes taking place with some of these online pharmacies and weight loss medication is getting harder to find. If I have any question about the online pharmacies listed on this website, I will remove them. If anyone has had any good experiences with any other places, be sure to send it to me! Also, if you are aware of any other diet aids that have worked out for you, let us know:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Reminders.....(Phentermine)

Here are some little reminders for those that are using Phentermine (or any other weight loss product) as a weight loss method. Make sure that you drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Also, it is good to break it up a little bit, I have seen where some will take it during the week, and give it a break during the weekend. This will also help you with tolerance levels. If you are on Phentermine for any length of time, I strongly advise anyone to take a break for a month or two, then if you feel can start up again.  Also, make sure that you do not have any major health concerns or problems before starting this medication.  Not only does this apply to weight loss medications, but any weight loss program you may choose.  It is good to get a check up and make sure you do not have any health conditions that have not been made aware of. And of course, take your vitamins, stay healthy and active! Take charge , you are in the drivers seat!  By staying healthy and helps you keep that positive outlook that motivates you to keep moving forward and feeling good about yourself. It is not just that little diet pill alone that does all that work, it is the strength inside you:)  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updates to Site

As many of you have noticed that have been here awhile I have made some changes!  You can go to the forum where I have made a post in reference to this and hopefully I will have everything updated by the end of the week.  Any feedback or suggestions...let me know!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Acai Berry

I was looking into this, since this is the new hype on the internet.  The Acai Berry seems to be the new wave in weight loss now.  So, I thought I would do a little research into it to see what it was all about.  I am sure most of you have seen it out there, with various different types of claims.  As I had posted in a previous blog, no matter what diet you do choose to be on, it is important to take a good multi vitamin and try to stay as healthy as possible, set goals, and stay active!  This leads to a healthy body AND mind!  One thing is clear about this supplement, it is a powerful antioxidant.  When you do your research, you kind of have to get past all of the ads and get your information from the medical sites and also GNC is a good place to go.  Here are some of the benefits that I have found to be true that they have said to be back up by medical studies....
May help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress such as heart disease and cancer.
Acai berries contain many anti-aging properties. They help to fight diseases with their remarkable nutritional qualities. The minerals and antioxidants help with skin regeneration, giving a greater appearance of youth and vigor. Acai also has a large amount of calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth.
Acai can increase overall vitality, as well as boost sex drives
There is evidence that shows that taking acai can help obtain and maintain a healthy body weight. With all the positive elements acai contains, it creates an environment of health, which helps a body burn fat more efficiently. The vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, amino acids, and antioxidants work together to create an ideal situation for weight loss. In addition, the fiber it possesses can create a sense of fullness and help control appetite.  (Webmd)
Some cosmetics and beauty products contain acai oil in the ingredient list. That’s because acai oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants.
I had read online in a few medical journals where this has been seen to help fight diseases/cancer. 
Here is where marketers have gone wild with it.  This vitamin/supplement can be found at your local Walmart or Gnc store.  And it is very inexpensive.  But because of the information behind it, they have figured out a way to make money off of it, and now you see all over the place on the internet....and only their prodcut  Here is what I did, I was impressed with the information I did find on went to Walmart, and I purchased the Acai supplement(Wild Harvest Brand) and it cost me $8.00.  No shipping charges, no recurring monthly fees, and it was only $8.00.  I could of also gone to GNC, but at the time, did not want to go to the mall..ha ha.  I have been taking it for about three days now, and yes, it does help with your appetite.  It does give you that fuller feeling, a bit more energy, but by no means is it a magic pill, but does help.  As stated above, it also helps with anti-aging, diseases, weight loss and overall health.  So it is really worth the investment.  I would just advise going to your local store and buying it and not get caught up into all the hype you see on the internet and save yourself some moneysmile

Dieters Nightmare

So, the Holidays are creeping around the corner...every dieters nightmaretongue  I am not sure how most handle it, I think everyone handles it differently.  I used to pretty much just give it up for a month or two and not worry about it, then kind of start over again from scratch.  Yes, well...that was when I was a bit younger and had that metabolism on my side...ha ha
Now, I find myself more preparing for it.  I try to avoid the Halloween candy in the house until I will absolutely need it.  I also find myself stocking up on healthier foods then I usually do, and exercising a little bit more.  In my mind I guess, it wont hurt me as bad when those holiday dinners come aroundcool You can enjoy them a little bit more, but in moderation of course....and not have to crash diet afterwards.  Not saying this always works, but it is a goal going into it!  Yes, of course, my kids just love the fact the kitchen snacks have been replaced with healthier versions....I do enjoy seeing them eat that then some of the other stuff they like to eat instead.  So it really benefits us all.  I hope all is going great with all of the dieters here, I am always here to help!  Just send me an email or you can post on the forum or blog.

Things to Help With Weight Loss and Phentermine

Thought this might be helpful to those that might be just starting out with phentermine, or those that have realized after a certain amount of time you start to build an immunity to it.  My last time around using phentermine I had added the 5 htp supplement.  It is a mood stabilizer and it also helps reduce hunger, etc  I have heard that many have had great success with this.  It is along the lines of phen pro if anyone has heard of it.  That is those that take the phentermine with 10 to 20 mg of prozac.  It enhances the phent. and also seems to help you keep from building up the immunity to the phentermine as quickly.  Another tip for those early risers...., take it a little later in the morning.  If you seem to have a problem with the midnight munchies, you want to make sure this takes you into the evening hours and has not worn off yet.  This was a problem area for me, so I had to find that right time to take it where it would last me into the evening hours, but not too late where I could not sleep.  Exercise!!!  Even if you just take 15 to 20 minutes a day walking your, do it!  Last but not least, drink lots of water.  You will want to anyway, but make a point it doing it.  Believe it or not, this does make a big difference.  Cut out a lot of that caffiene, because it will make the phentermine leave your system that much faster.  Any other ideas, feel free to post!

Just Something to Think About....

I have noticed on many of the different weight loss forums that I belong to and boards that I have been searching, that the new thing to come out there now is people advertising phentermine, pain meds, etc...and then will give an email address for you to email and give your information to them to perform a transaction for a sale.  I am sure most  could see this would not be a good idea, and problems are already starting to arise from this.  You have no idea who you are dealing with on the other end, and it is by blind faith that you would ever receive your cookies, or that they would be real.  I have read that there is a few going around right now making their rounds and taking people for a lot of money.  Just be careful out there and to whom you are sharing your personal information. 


I just wanted to touch base with anyone that has joined this site so far.  I am working on getting this up and ready in between work and kidstongue  While I do this, if anyone does have any suggestions that they would like me to look at, just let me know!  As I had mentioned earlier, I am only putting those up that I have had experience with, or that I have checked out the best that I can.  I also run them through Pharmacy Checker.  This is actually now required by Google advertising for these sites to be able to advertise their pharmacies.  They are required to become a member and be researched by this company.  They will then have to pay a fee to maintain this membership.  This is why the better pharmacies are becoming harder to find because they do not want to pay this fee.  The up side to this, as the crooked ones become uncovered, they are listed within this site.  I have the links part locked at this point because I am not done with it...if anyone really wants to see it before this, just let me know.  Some of you may also wonder why I had decided to come up with this idea of doing something like this.  Recently I had gone through a very bad experience with a company, which I will be posting about at a later date......., but I had decided I am just so tired of reading about these experiences that people have to go through looking for a reputable online pharmacy.  While we go through this, more and more online pharmacies pop up preying on people that do not have the correct information.

Update 8/16

I am going to be updating this site with a list of websites that I have had positive personal experience with or that I know is reliable. I will also include a list that have been known to have some problems. If any of you want to add to the list, just let me knowsmile I thought this could be a good place to get information on some good sources and some feedback from others. I hope to have this up within the next few dayssmile